Sunday, February 25, 2007

Viking Market 2007, Barley Hall

A few pix from the Viking Market at Barley Hall:

Catherine of Curious Works, selling all things textile, including tablet weaving and naalbinding

Chris, Corivm Artificivm, who sells leather (and textile) pouches and bags of all eras, including Roman. Seen here with John of Comitatus, moonlighting as a Rus Viking

Duncan from Aram Merchant Venturers who sell excellent glass and jewellery

Will Styles, the Jolly Box Man, aka History Alive - boxes of all kinds

Terry, who was trading along with Gytha the Weaver, in his superb 11th century Clergyman's garb

Ken, Barley Hall staff member, and historic shoe-maker extraordinaire

'Spikey' Paul, stalwart volunteer at Barley Hall (lifting and shifting a speciality)

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Gabriele C. said...

Oh cool.

*puts on list of Things to See whyn I'm coming to York*